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Several Deductions found On Your Pay Stub

After working, everyone expects nothing less than a paycheck. You need to be aware that with a paycheck, it comes hand in hand with a pay stub. A pay stub is usually a paper that indicates what you earned in a particular month and the tax and insurance deductions that were made. There is the need to know that deductions usually are made using specific codes which makes it hard for a lot of people to know their meaning. The following are some of the deductions that are usually made on your paycheck that you need to know.

There is the Fica Med Tax. At times people find themselves not getting exactly what they expected when they first got the job. You need to know that not just you who get the full amount as the Federal Insurance Contribution Act has a say on your income. The deductions by FICA is particularly used to keep the Medicare program running. The Medicare program works to help those who have attained the age of 65 years.

The other type of deduction is the FICA SS Tax. Anyone who is employed is legally obligated to make contributions on the social security program. In case you have been wondering what this is for in your pay stub, you need to know that Fica SS Tax is for this purpose. The program works to help those with a disability and also those who have retired. It is important to understand that as a millennial if you attain the age of 67, you are liable to the SS benefits.

The other common pay stub deduction is the state tax. The state tax deduction is a common deduction among many people. If you find a specified amount, you need to know that your state allows the state taxes deductions. You will find that not all states allow the state income tax in their areas. With that in mind, there is the need to know if your state allows these form of deductions or not.

There is also the federal Tax deductions. The tax is usually deducted by the federal government. The amount that is removed from your pay depends on several factors such as the tax rate and the number of allowances you receive. On top of that, the retirement contributions and the other benefit as an employee you get determine what you need to pay as federal taxes.

In case you are starting your first job, there is the need to understand all the deductions that are going to be made on your pay stub.

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